Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Day 1 – NASCAR

Day 1 of my October Journey
NASCAR supports Breast Cancer Awareness month

I visited NASCAR Corporate office and this is displayed on the screen in the lobby.
Thank you NASCAR!!
Click this link to find out “Five Ways To Fight Breast Cancer”

5 Reasons To Invest In Self Development

Learning is a lifetime commitment.  I affirm this each year when I set my goals and update my business plan by including self development.   I set aside a dollar amount that is earmarked for continuing education, workshops, study groups and seminars that will help to develop me as a leader.   You can also set aside…

How to Soar to New Heights

It’s hard to image that it has only been a year since I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  After two surgeries, 6 rounds of chemotherapy and 48 rounds of radiation here I am.  A new me with a stronger faith in the power of restoration the Lord provides.  Through the uncertainty and fight…

6 Questions to Ask During Your Dream Check-up


Wow, July is right around the corner!  This year is flying by. It’s time to do a dream check-up.  That’s right, take a moment to see where you are with your dream:
1. Have you written your dream and goals down? Do you review them monthly?
2. Do you have an accountability partner? This is someone who…

God-given Dreams

Photo by Yvette Register

Today’s post is by guest blogger and Dream Out Loud team member Pastor Darryl Harris.
All dreams that burn in our hearts,
are given to us by God for a REASON!
Many dreams given to us by God, may take a while to come to pass,
but will only last a SEASON!
But all dreams that are given to us…

Dream Moment

According to Pastor Darryl Harris of Abundant Grace Fellowship Church, dreamers don’t just dream in good times.  Dreamers dream when no one else can see the possibility of the dream becoming a reality.  That’s why hard times don’t derail their dreams.  It only gives them a chance to demonstrate to a doubting world how great…

My Breast Cancer Journey -Part 5 of 5 (Radiation)

Yvette Register

The following article concludes this five-part series written for the Orlando Times Newspaper on 10/3/11
I completed my final chemotherapy treatment the last week in August. I was so excited. I remember how I cried my first day. On the last day I grinned the whole time. When I was done I got a chance to…

My Breast Cancer Journey – Part 4 of 5 (Chemo and My Hair)

Yvette - bald and beautiful

The following article is part four of a five part series written for the Orlando Times Newspaper on 9/26/11
With my mother at my side, I sat in my Oncologist’s examination room and listened as she told me the results of the tests done on the tumor that was removed during my surgery. The tumor was…

My Breast Cancer Journey – Part 3 of 5 (Surgery)

Hospital bed

The following article is part three of a five part series written for the Orlando Times Newspaper on 9/19/11
With the medical team in place and my family by my side I was ready to face the next part of my breast cancer journey – the surgery.
At 5:01am on March 25th before going to the hospital…

My Breast Cancer Journey – Part 2 of 5 (Assembling The Medical Team)

Assembling medical team for Breast Cancer Journey

The following article is part two of a five part series written for the Orlando Times Newspaper on 9/16/11
Being diagnosed with breast cancer was shocking. For a few days I walked around in disbelief. My brother Darryl reminded me of a bible verse I used when I spoke at a church scholarship dinner a couple…